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Circle of Blood: Skirmishes in the streets of Gormalak

Today I am especially excited to introduce you to our new project: Circle of blood, a skirmish wargame in a world of classic fantasy. The action takes place in the streets of Gormalak, a dark gothic city where you will create your warband (what is known in the city as a «guild») and develop it through many adventures and narrative campaigns.

As for miniatures, it is an agnostic game, along the same lines as the ones we usually publish. This allows you to reuse with ease the miniatures you already have at home, or take the chance to buy those beautiful ones that you liked so much, but you didn’t know where to use them. Of course, although it is miniature agnostic, there is also a line of official miniatures, which you can also get if you wish.

What is special about this game compared to so many other skirmish wargames with a fantasy setting?”, you may be wondering. To begin with, the game focuses on cooperative or solo mode, as opposed to the most common ones, which are competitive. However, in my opinion, the most distinguishing feature is its spirit, since it is a very deep narrative game that lets you dive in its setting and in in each mission, in a way that is very close to role-playing games.

It is not a brand new game either. At the time, it was self-published by its creators: Sergio Jordán and Miguel Ángel Lozano. This will be its third edition, and the ruleset has received a profound update to optimize and simplify some points and provide greater dynamism since, in earlier editions, the rules were very comprehensive, but perhaps excessively complex.

We have worked hand in hand with the authors to improve the book in every way, including its layout, which will be in full color as it deserves. In charge of revamping the design is Dan Dantástico, whom you may already know from his wonderful work with Exploradores de las Profundidades Sombrías.

Another novelty of the project, and also a new experience for us, is that we are going to publish it in the language of Cervantes and, in addition, it is going to be translated into the language of Shakespeare and funds will be raised simultaneously in both languages through Kickstarter.

And when will that be? Well, the campaign on will start May the 29th at 12:00 (Madrid time). We will be waiting for you there with lots of enthusiasm and lots of surprises.

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